Exploring Manhattan’s Most Notable Skyscrapers

When picturing New York City in your mind it’s likely you’ll envision rows of towering skyscrapers framed by the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hudson, and the East River. The skyscrapers that approach the edge of the water on three sides are what define Manhattan as a special place that represents American culture and commerce. At Arlo Hotel, we’re proud to operate three hotels that are parts of this iconic skyline. We love our skyscrapers, and frequently provide our guests with information about our favorites.

Any discussion about NYC skyscrapers should start with the Empire State Building. One of the most recognizable buildings in the world, it’s a symbol of New York City’s ingenuity and hard work. The views from the Empire State Building’s observation deck are legendary, and there’s a lot of content about the building’s construction, including how it took an amazingly short 410 days to construct.

For the highest viewpoint in town, and to learn more about American resilience, head to One World Trade Center, also known as the “Freedom Tower.” At 1,776 feet tall, this building offers a three-story observation deck with stunning views of the cityscape and the Hudson Bay.

The Chrysler building is the 11th tallest building in the city, but it’s one that’s captivated locals and tourists alike for decades. Perhaps the most recognized and appreciated example of Art Deco design, the Chrysler Building is notable for its striking architectural details including the gargoyles on the 31st floor and the eagles on the 61st.

Other notable buildings that are worth a visit include the Woolworth Building, 30 Rock at Rockefeller Plaza, and Met Life Tower. There are around 274 buildings in Manhattan that qualify as skyscrapers (over 492 feet tall), and there are several new buildings in progress that are over 700 feet tall, which will further raise the city’s skyline higher.