The Greatest Commandment

But while the Pharisees heard that He had silenced the Sadducees, they amassed collectively, then one in all them, a legal professional, requested Him a question, trying out Him, and saying, “Teacher, that is the wonderful commandment inside the law?” Jesus stated to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your coronary heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your mind.” This is the primary and tremendous commandment. And the second is love it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” “On these commandments cling all the Law and the Prophets.” – Matthew 22:34-forty

Jesus has been asked for the one finest commandment, however when He solutions He gives two. The first being Love the Lord, and the second being Love thy Neighbor. Why does the Christ answer whilst He has simplest been asked for one? How can there be two finest commandments?

Because I trust that the two are without a doubt one. The best way we like the Lord is through loving our Neighbor; and whilst we adore our Neighbor, we also are loving the Lord. My coronary heart tells me that it’s miles not possible to like one, and now not the alternative. For who can actually love God and hate his Neighbor? And who can really love his Neighbor and not be with God?

What guy can say, “I love God handiest and not my Neighbor”? Such a person is best halfway to heaven, for he has forsaken his brethren on the planet. And what guy can say, “I love my Neighbor simplest but no longer God”? Such a person continues to be of the earth and knows now not of heaven. Men like those are most effective half of full; half complete of affection and half full of non-love. They live half full of mild, and 1/2 filled with darkness. Because they realize one and now not the other, and love one and no longer the opposite. But proper love isn’t selective, and does not say, “I love only this a long way, and no similarly,” or “I love this one, but not that one.”

A wealthy father and his baby are walking along a road, when the kid falls right into a ditch. The rich father calls for help to any who can pay attention, “Save my infant, and I shall preserve a ceremonial dinner for you at my mansion.” One man walks with the aid of and says, “I will not save your baby, however I Christian Bible studies want to visit your mansion.” Another man walks by means of and says, “I will save your infant, but I will no longer go to your mansion.” The remaining guy walks by means of and says, “I will keep your toddler, and if it be your will, I will go to your mansion.” And so the ultimate guy stored the child and lived forever after in the mansion of the rich father and His infant.
And so it’s far that I believe Loving the Lord and Loving thy Neighbor are one, for the Father and His kids are of one family. This is why it’s far said that what we do to the Father, we do also to the Son and His children. And what we do to His children, we do additionally to the Son and His Father. And so to love the first and the best, we should additionally love the remaining and the least, due to the fact the remaining and the least come from the first and the finest. And as we like the closing and the least, we additionally love the first and the finest. For true love is aware of no rank, and does now not withhold itself due to the fact one is first or final, extremely good or least.

If the Christ had answered “Love the Lord only,” or “Love thy Neighbor only,” He might have said so if that had been authentic. But He said neither on my own, due to the fact neither stands on my own, and neither may be alone. Just because the Christ changed into the Love of God manifested in guy, so is Love of the Lord manifested via Love of thy Neighbor. And because the Christ died for His Neighbor and again to the Father, so it’s far that love of thy Neighbor provides us to the love of the Lord. Love of the Lord certainly extends to like of thy Neighbor, and love of thy Neighbor clearly expands to love of the Lord. For true love is aware of no limits.

And so it’s far that the Christ spoke back two, due to the fact most folks born with the eyes of fellows aren’t able to see that both are one. We agree with that God and Neighbor are separate, so that when we see God we do now not see our Neighbor, and whilst we see our Neighbor we do now not see God. We do now not see that each Neighbor is of the One Father, and the One Father is in each Neighbor. And so it is that for most men, the one are two, and so the Christ responded two, but in fact the 2 are one. But blessed are people who, when they see God, can also see their Neighbor. And blessed are individuals who, because they see their Neighbor, also can see God.